Laundry Fun Facts

September 07, 2023

Discover the Time-Saving Magic of Pick-Up and Delivery Laundry Service with Santa Fe Laundry

Discover the time-saving magic of Santa Fe Laundry's Pick-Up and Delivery Laundry Service. In a world where the average person spends over 10 hours per month on laundry-related tasks, this innovative service is a game-changer. With seamless scheduling and user-friendly online ordering via, convenience is redefined. By outsourcing your laundry to Santa Fe Laundry, you can reclaim those precious hours and achieve a better work-life balance. Laundry consumes an average of 375 hours per year for the typical American household, but with Santa Fe Laundry, you can banish laundry-related stress and enjoy a lighter mental load. Signing up on comes with exclusive offers and discounts, easy account management, transparent pricing, and priority access to their Pick-Up and Delivery Service. In a nutshell, Santa Fe Laundry's service saves you time, reduces stress, and offers unmatched convenience. With the average laundry load taking approximately 1.5 hours to complete, Santa Fe Laundry invites you to join the revolution and transform the way you do laundry. Your time is waiting to be reclaimed at Santa Fe Laundry!

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Laundry Fun Facts

October 13, 2022

Laundry Around the World

We have it easy when it comes to laundry! What makes it even easier? Using Santa Fe Laundry laundry service!